Christian Grey Wouldn’t Settle For Vanilla,
Neither Should Your Reader

Caveat: discovery calls aren’t conducted in my Red Room (sorry).

Let’s turn down the lights and make copywriting magic together (virtually),
in my not-so-sexy office, located in Sydney, Australia.

Your next copywriting project should have
all your reader’s senses trembling with
anticipation and pleasure

Ever Wonder How Your Clients Choose?

you should

I know a little secret about you: I know you’re a smidge self-indulgent. You have needs.
You can get what you want, when you want it – on demand. Just like a Netflix series.
I mean, you have a smorgasbord of enticing options.
Each promising a pleasurable outcome.
How do you choose?

You make your selection based on the words that speak to you.
Spoiler alert: these words are never vanilla.

Truth is, you want more.
You want connection before commitment.

So do your readers.

Let’s get your readers fan-crushing on YOU

Here’s what I want for your reader: I want them to feel like they’re sitting on their favourite comfy couch, beverage in hand, with your words streaming through their mind like their favourite Netflix series. 

I want them to binge until, before they know it, they have a fan crush on you comparable to that of Jason Momoa, minus the muscles. Unless of course you have muscles, in which case, I recommend your design element includes ample graphics as well. #justsayin

Now you’ve hooked ‘em, it’s time for the home run

Good copywriting takes your reader on a journey of exploration. It has them sitting on the edge of their seat, anticipating a…(dare I say it), climax.

By the time your binge-reading prospect pushes the “buy now” button, they’ll know the foundations of your brand.

Who you are, what you stand for, how you do what you do, and what makes you the only person for them.

Really, it’s just a matter of settling the finer details… like perhaps, the credit card details.

No lip service here, which is a good thing – coz I’m a bad kisser

I think it’s fair to say 2020 was the year that wasn’t. I also think most would agree that it taught us all a valuable lesson: you need a marketing machine. A machine purpose-built to help your brand shine through any disastrous fog, and connect with the people who need you and your product.

I’m not gonna lie, 2020 was not what I planned out in my shiny Goaldigger planner. But I still kicked goals. More importantly, I helped people – lots of them. Like many, I was unable to help people in person, so I focused on marketing virtually from my office in Sydney. My copywriting skills helped bridge the gap. They can help you do the same.

Wanna know how I fell face-first, Fat Amy-style into business?

You don’t need to be screaming to the masses.
You just need the right message delivered to the right person.

I can help.

Clients Who Chose Me As Their Ride-Or-Die

well, a few…I’m not exactly monogamous

ICLA Logo Client of Sydney copywriter
eFriend Logo Client of Sydney copywriter
Brand Magic Logo Client of Sydney copywriter
LEC Logo Client of Sydney copywriter
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Their Words, Not Mine

we’re switching roles momentarily

If you are looking for a copywriter that is not only an engaging, adaptable and easy-to-work-with wordsmith but also a sharp-as-a-tack strategist who knows all about making the most of funnels, conversions and all that overwhelming stuff – then look no further! You’re right where you should be as Stacey is the BOMB!

Debbie O'Connor

Founder of White River Design, CEO at The Creative Fringe, brand strategist and keynote speaker

We couldn’t be happier with Stacey’s work and would recommend her to anyone! (Well, almost anyone. If you want to be boring with average results – stay clear. Please).

Her writing is versatile – it doesn’t have to be “funny”. For example, she writes for my clients in the mental health space. The tone of voice required for these brands is not humorous at all, it’s very much about connecting with the customer on an emotional level.

Chantal Bronkhorst

Chief Exploring Lioness, Katberg Tech & Digital

Stacey is incredible! We absolutely love her wit and way with words. She just knows how to add the perfect amount of personality in her copywriting that speaks to our clients and from their point of view.

She is thorough and prompt and we recommend her highly! You won’t be disappointed.

Russel Francis

Managing Director, Red Velvet Entertainment

Stacey, I’ve momentarily stepped away from the depths of the geeky-pothole mud pool to read your amazing copy! You’re honestly genius! Absolutely friggin love it!

Lundi Fourie

The Chief Geeky Lioness, Katberg Tech & Digital

Want me to whisper sweet nothings to you a little longer?

I get it.  I was once an ambitious youngin’ who racked up a HECS debt on a Degree in Accounting and Stalkery. Half joking.